Figure It Out

As usual, life has a way of exposing you for who you really are. My unfocused mind struggles to find a way around the fact that I have slipped off my path. I was supposed to be here every day, I was supposed to commit to letters that would soon make way to words on a screen for you to read. I, however, made way for time to race ahead of me. I allowed for doubts to keep haunting me. I Figured it out.

What I need is this space to allow for a healthy flow of sense and reasoning. A healthy release of energy that will keep me refreshed and fulfilled. Without this how could I possibly say that I have produced anything worth reading? Without this how can I track the lack of progress of the progression that lies within?

Let me be real with myself for a moment. Once I figured out my procrastination cripples my pot of growth. I can then wash again my path and pull back the last of my doubts. So let this be a reminder for me…..

Never forget to figure out…..

There is no need for doubt, there is no need for fear and there is no need for hopes to disappear. With nothing, you can build something better. With better, you can build something more. Creating a path where there was none, that is what awaits me at this door.


So for some reason, I have decided to start out with this poem that was in my head. Maybe it will distract you from the fact that I have been away for far too long. Each year a new story to tell but is my progression in the direction I have intended it to be. In a way I say “yes” and in a way, I say “no”. As I prepare myself for another trip to Ghana It makes me really reflect on everything I have done thus far this year.

I am a big believer in creating a path when there isn’t one available. I will definitely say that this is by no means the easiest or best way to go about things. It is tough and requires a lot a patience. It also requires a lot of time. Even with all this in mind, a big part of me feels that I am closer to my goals.


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