Everything we do is based on experience and a simple decision…..

A simple decision can turn into a myriad of issues or a simple decision can simply mean just that. No fuss, no issues, just a quick thought and a fountain of success to enjoy. However the most important decision one must make is to “try”. How could we even begin to come to a decision if we never make the decision to try?  No matter what we face in life it is important to put forth effort with a positive mindset…

We will always hear the echo of a million failed attempts and the regret of choosing the incorrect path. The disappointment of a sinking goal and realisation of being ill prepared. The close encounter of giving up and the negative pool of water you forcibly take in as you reach out for anything to keep you above the suffocating darkness. Then you soon begin to notice this is the guilt of not trying…

How can we comment on something we have never experienced? How can we mature to new heights if we never try to reach for more?

When you are focused and determined to try your hand at anything your possibilities are endless. In fact your decisions begin to grow because your options become fruitful. Without expecting it your options grow more immensely and your fears become more faint. The echos of a million failed attempts turn into stepping stones. The things you once felt unsure of become set in stone. Without taking notice you realise that your life feels better when you “try”.

Push for something more and base it on a vision or a goal. Give your best effort and watch the amazing things that manifest from your positive try.

I felt it would be in my best interest to write about something that has touched me in a personal way. I have managed to gain a lot in a small amount of time all from simplifying trying. I must admit at first I felt as if my efforts were similar to an overheated car. I was starting to see smoke and the pressure of making my exit was more welcoming than waiting for anything else to happen.

However, if you don’t ask you certainly won’t get.

As I continue to build on all these things I have set in place I have managed to get nearly everything for free. Don’t ask me how this is possibly because I myself dont understand how things have managed to come together so smoothly. What I can say is that I simply made an attempt at something many thought was impossible. Then I simply applied some diligence and patience. At a point I started to panic, because that’s what people do when they realise their plans are actually taking shape. I quickly polished my mindset and got myself together.

To make a simple statement……Please try……

Try to be better, try to want more, try to live uncomfortably so it becomes normal and not scary. Try to see a dream move into reality. Try as hard as you can to feel something you have never felt before. Give yourself room to breathe when it all seems like too much but never stop trying for something more. Create a path where there doesn’t seem to be one. Build the parts you need to operate the machine that you have yet to produce. Your efforts will not be in vain and your soul will thank you for it.





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