1% of Doubt

So another week has arrived for me to bring some light on my NGO. As some of you already know I am currently planning a charity event. I will be hosting this event at La Villa Boutique Hotel . To be honest I didn’t know that I would be given such a huge opportunity. Infact this opportunity fell from the heavens straight into my hands over night.

I was searching for a venue that would sponsor my charity event free of charge. Now if you know anything about human nature we have the tendency to either run away or towards anything labeled “free”/”sponsor”. It just so happens this time I was the one who was asking for the free venue. To make matters worse asking for a free venue whilst you are sitting in a different country makes things even more difficult. Words seem so cold from afar and the emotions can be lost in translation.

However, this didn’t stop me from looking, searching, and sending emails to various establishments. The price tag of renting out a nice venue in Accra can be expensive. So the idea of renting out a hall was becoming a very real realisation for me, haaha. If I did this it wouldn’t showcase my event the way I had envisioned it though.

I woke up one morning thinking I might have to stop planning for this event. Hours later I was looking at a venue sponsor, with no strings attached. I went from 0 to 100 real quick! My excitement was bouncing off the walls and then I entered the stage of “can I really make this all happen?”.

(Side Bar: what is up with humans and self doubts? The fact that someone was willing to believe in my vision for the charity event should have been enough to propel me to star status. Yes, I had received a large amount of negative replies but a positive always beats the negative so what was my problem?…let’s get back to making this happen)

I quickly shook that feeling away and stepped up my game. Long story short, never or if only for a moment (1% of doubt helps me note all the pro’s and con’s) should you ever doubt your goals. There is always a way to get a positive end result. I find that if I am unable to get to my destination I must try another way instead. In regards to this situation that is exactly what I did. I was able to make direct contact to my venue sponsor instead of indirect contact. This proved to create a much better outcome than expecting to hear back from an email that may or may not have been opened by the receiver.

I am quite happy with the way things are going so much so that I will start promoting the charity event starting from today. There are a lot of things I have to put together before the evening arrives but I am happier doing this than giving up and giving in to my 1% of doubt.


Please like, subscribe, and share my  youtube channel. Stay tuned because I would love for anyone that is interested in the event to come an enjoy the charity event. I’ll post up more information about it here very soon.Charity Event Poster



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