A Bit of Vlogging

So I decided that it was time to add more to my list of things to do (mind you I have enough to do already, haha). I started my YouTube page up again and this time I will be delivering everything you need to know about Ghana culture, setting up an NGO in ghana and anything that engages the public. I will do my best to talk about social issues and things within the community that we can improve.

My intro is a bit of a bore. There is nothing flashy about it but as time goes on it will definitely get better. I would like get as many views as possible so please do engage me and ask questions.

I know I have the tendency to procrastinate and put things off until I actually have to do them.Since I know this adventure I am on is certainly a part of my life I will do a better job at keeping things current. I kept on thinking, “I’m not living in Ghana just yet so the vlog can wait” or “I need a better camera” and “I’m not fully equipt for vlogging yet”. However, I know now that my procrastinating mind has more excuses than I want to explore. So without further adue I have started my vlogging. It took me a while to get my video editing together but once that was done I was on a roll.

I will post at least one weekly vlog and continue to write about my NGO/views on things. I have a lot of really great things coming up for the NGO. I’ll be hosting a charity event at La Villa Boutique Hotel for CCHD. I will write more about it this week or maybe later today. I will also be filming my trip to Ghana in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned, like, share, and subscribe to Cleo_Dani Culture on YouTube!!


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