Moving Forward (update)

Alright, so  one way or another I end up starting out with the same message. However this seems to happen when you have been away for a while. I think the last time I gave any updates on my situation I was in the States. Well, now I am a bit closer to Ghana because I have come back to London.

No one ever said the good things in life are easy to obtain. I find this true for anything that involves a positive movement. This year will be highly important for my organisation. We will be pushing out a lot of positive programs, hence the reason why I said things will not be easy. Although I know the next couple months will be like a rollercoaster, I am going to accept the fact that something will  definitely go wrong along the way. Something always happens to stress me out but I am still here pushing on. So let’s get to the good part already….

As always my work is a family affair. Within the first week of arriving in Accra I will jointly assist my mum with a diabetes screening in Labadi.

Sidebar: For those of you who don’t know, my mum’s side of the family is from Accra (Labadi).

She will then assist me with the community garden programme I have set up for one of your local secondary schools.

Last but certainly not least I will throw a charity event at the La Villa Boutique Hotel to raise money for recycling bins and the community garden programme.

As you can tell I will have my hands full with plenty of work. I will also be creating the CCHD Facebook page so that more information regarding all these new objectives can be well received ( ).

I’ll post up a proper entry very shortly. It will focused on culture and what it really means for second generation Ghanaians….it should be quite interesting.



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