Always A Way In Accra: Returnee

Why are people starting to making the journey back to Africa? Why has Africa become an interesting place to be?  These questions have left a lot of people scratching their heads thinking “What possibly could Africa have offer me that I don’t already have in the western world ?”. On the contrary Africa has many opportunities and a lifestyle that suits even the most wealthy individual.

According to the African-American Association of Ghana  3,000 African Americans are currently living in Ghana and that number can only expect to go up. Most of these numbers account for retirees, charity owners and people that are looking to connect to their roots. However, this secret paradise which use to be known as the dark continent due to its “uncharted land” is quickly becoming a well known location for comfortable living and growth. For Ghana in particular once you get pass the struggles of dumsor (lights cutting out), illegal 1yr rent lettings (which are the norm) and the stress of learning how to take your time when dealing with any public office, setting up your new life is a breeze.

All of this still doesn’t answer the question of why second generation Africans (like myself) or black people from the western world society want to go back to the motherland. The Ghana immigration act of 2000 introduced “the right to abode”. The right to abode applies to any African American or persons of Ghanaian decent. There are some strong requirements that one must meet in order to gain the full benefit of this act if you are not of Ghanaian decent. However, this act still provides a chance of obtaining full rights to live in Ghana like a citizen of the country. There is no question that anyone ready to make the leap from the western world into the unknown would greatly appreciate this act. The process of obtaining things can be a circus for foreigners and even for natives at times.

Nevertheless, this is one circus I know people would love to join. At the end of the day who wouldn’t mind having access to a beach, warm weather, fresh produce right inside your compound, wonderful night life, a land of endless possibilities and a weekend that begins on Friday afternoon? I can ask a plethora of questions in regards to this returnee craze. The truth is everyone moves for their dreams and goals. The one thing I can honestly say is that if you are returning home or searching for the feeling of home don’t allow anything to steer you off that path. Arriving in Ghana and expecting to instantly obtain a wonderful life isn’t realistic (sidebar: unless you are filthily rich, lol). However reasonably working your way to that life is very much obtainable.


Don’t stress, there is always a way in Accra.

Hearing the world “no” is just as common as “hello” but trust me no matter what, there is always a way in Accra.


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