Sometimes you forget exactly what is at stake until you realise you are down to less than one week away from jumping in your getaway car….

I have been away for such a long time and in this time away I have figured out so many different avenues. Some of these paths led me to disappointment, and some led me to encouragement. The path I enjoyed and continue to enjoy is the one of persistence.

No matter how long I seem to be off track I always continue to be persistent in my endevours. Without this trait I don’t believe I would have accomplished half of my goals.

In less than three weeks my journey to accomplishing goals I set in place around 2013 will begin. Now I know you are thinking “Wow, that is some time to wait for something”, but actually that year was just the catalyst for the plans I have in place right now.

Procrastination gives me more time but persistence give me complete satisfaction with no doubts. Out of all the things I would love to change these two aspects of myself must stay the same. They are fundamental to my soul and have really balanced out the impossible perfectionist in me.

My NGO journey has certainly taken some wild turns and several bumps in the road but things are steadily getting better. In my next entry I’ll get into all that. For now I’ll just thank procrastination for my time away and persistence from my resent post.


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