Location: Ghana

So it has been such a long time since my last post I’m a bit embarrassed to say I was supposed to be consistent. However, as always I’ve got new things to talk about. I’ll be making another trip to Ghana in less than a week. While I’m there I’ll be securing some things in regards to my NGO. I will also see to a potential job offer (my fingers are crossed on that).

When it comes to finding work in Ghana it definitely comes down to who you know. Unfortunately if you don’t have 10+ years of experience and a masters degree in engineering you won’t be finding any midlevel or entry level positions in Ghana. Clearly this is just my experience and trust me it has been a very long process. Each day I feel a little closer to understanding exactly what is needed to get exactly what I’m looking for.

Networking within the social media field definitely prooves to create some very promising results. I once had a YouTube channel that was all about weight loss and my efforts to slim down. I’ve decided to revive my channel but I’ll be focused on the NGO and interesting things in regards to my culture ( social, entertainment, and economic issues in Ghana). I’ll also throw in some every day blogs and interviews with different people.

I forgot to mention that I will be putting up a new line of jewelry to sell for the NGO. I’ll be making fabric button earings with authentic wax fabrics, kente clothes, and other fun African prints.

So with all these new ventures and expectations I’ve got so much to do. I’m going to welcome the challenges and breath them in with a smile.


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