Mistakes are Lessons and Perfection is Over Rated


So clearly I took a very long hiatus. There are so many things I need to discuss and before I told myself I would start writing again I decided to just make this post about my NGO (Cleopatra Community Health and Development Organisation).

In the past year I made two separate trips to Ghana. The first trip was with my mum. We went to see family during the Homowo season (August and into mid September). The second trip was all by my lonesome for the Holidays (Mid December to the ending of January). During these two trips I was able to put the finishing touches on making my registered NGO certified by the social welfare office in Accra. With that being said I have definitely established more that I could have ever imagined. Two years ago If someone has told me I would be the founder and executive director of an NGO in Ghana I really wouldn’t have believed it.

Trust me the process of  filling out documents and waiting for documents was quite nail biting for me. Almost everything I completed never felt complete to me. Technically they were, but I just felt like I was missing something from the paper work. At the end of the day I am 200% grateful for getting every sorted

Secondly if anyone says that Ghanaian people are not kind or friendly I personally will forever disagree with that statement. Everyone I dealt with on my journey of  certification was extremely helpful and in no way made me feel like I would have to break into a bank to get my documents. All in all everything was sorted by the time I left Ghana in January of this year. Last week my cousin (who is the treasurer and also on the board of directors of my NGO) went to retrieve the certificate for the NGO. I was pretty excited to get this news but it also brought a wave of insecurities because all I could think of is “where do I go from here?”. To partially answer that question I am currently organising a clean up project in Labadi. I am in the process of gaining volunteers so that I can get things moving along but to be honest this would be a lot easier if I were there right? Well, that gives me a segue into my next point. I am also currently starting my plans to relocate. I’m trying my best to find work without getting into my connection but it is proving to be quite difficult so I just might have to start bugging some people for work.

So that rounds up my NGO progression and what I’ve been up to while away from this lovely space. I still have the money that was collected from the online fundraiser for the NGO. It is all sitting safely in the bank until I can put it to good use for the organisation. Since we did not gain as much money as we wanted to I have to figure out the best way to divide it for the programs I would like to have in place.

For a girl who knew nothing about how all these things work I think I have done a really good job at getting to this point. If there is anyone that is thinking about starting a NGO or any kind of business don’t allow the lack of material or funds to shake you from a bright idea because you don’t know what will happen if you try. Mistakes are lessons and perfection is over rated!!


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