Grant me or Give me

Grant me or Give me…..

So even though the fundraiser has started and my hopes are really high I have to be proactive. I have been looking for different grants my organisation might be able to apply for. Although grants, donations and anything that can fund this organisation are ultimately going to be the push we need to get things running, I think I discovered something else important.

If you don’t think something is possible then it wont be. Most importantly if you feel you cant ask for something like a wish or even just some help then everything will be harder to achieve. With these new responsibility and goals that I have placed in my hands, I am learning  that at some point you have to start helping yourself. Every day that goes by feels like a small work in progress. Creating networks and building bridges to a much awaited outcome is my overall goal. Because by doing this I think more people will hear and then understand my plans for this organisation.

Lets face it, if you don’t feel connected to my cause then by all means everything I am saying and everything I am doing will mean nothing to you. I am not trying to make a one time project. I am not trying to establish something just for the moment. What I am trying to accomplish is a life saving organisation for people who need it. In terms of funds I am still not where I would like to be. I can wish, and wish, and wish for more than what I have but if I don’t ask then I might as well stop what I am doing.

There is a fine line between trying and doing. I want to clean that line completely by letting everyone know I am not trying to accomplish these goals, I am in the process of doing these goals. So whether or not someone is willing to grant me or give me funds, help, or advice I will most certainly put them all to good use.

As always you can make a donation to the fundraiser at any time just click on this link Cleopatra Community Health Development Organisation Fundraiser!!!


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