Digging Deep…..

So I am digging deep tonight….

I said I would try my best to figure out my fundraising campaign is doing so well but not quite getting the money to back it. I have not yet kissed the surface of this beautiful problem. In fact I ended up getting distracted instead. Today while checking my stats for my campaign I noticed that I was trending!!!

“Yes”, I said “trending!”. First and foremost this make my situation a beautiful problem to have. Not everyone gets to say “I’m trending with $87 dollars raised for my $5000 fundraiser that has only been running for five days!”. Well, your reading all about it….

Sometimes when looking for answers we tend to forget why we ever started looking for answers to begin with. I know I have to crack the code to my beautiful problem but it really wont kill me to appreciate this small, but really big accomplishment. There are so many other fundraisers on Indiegogo that have reached their goal, surpassed their goals, or are nearly close to their goals. Then there is me, amongst the giants, not much under my belt but the gratifying feeling of knowing people care.

If they came just to read my story, they care. If they came just to refer my cause to social media, they care. If they came to take a look at what all the fuss was about, they care. So who am I to expect more? After all my cause wont end with this fundraiser. My expectations and goals can only be fueled by all the people who have made an effort to as least let me know they stopped by the page. Yes, I cant forget about raising money for my cause because at the moment without it things will be harder to reach. However just because something is harder to reach it doesn’t make it untouchable.

So, at the moment this is where I stand. I’m digging deep, no matter how long it takes, I’m digging deep….

Donate to the Cleopatra Community Health and Development Organisation Fundraiser Here!!!!


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