On The Right Path with Fear….

I waited till the last minute to post my thoughts. It was more so because I kept on putting it off, don’t ask me why……

The one thing I kept on thinking about today was “is this the right path?”. How is someone suppose to know whether or not they are on the right path? A million people have walked down this road and I’m guessing those that truly succeed in their endeavours couldn’t possibly have made time to think about fear. After all fear, failure, and defeat those are all the things we are trying to avoid, right?

The plans that I have for Cleopatra Community Health and Development Organisation you might say came out of fear. At some point we fear that the things we love the most are in danger of being compromised or affected in a way that will ultimately cause harm to those we care about. Without knowing it being on the right path to fear is the road that we travel the most. Fear transforms our minds in a blink of an eye and forces us to make decisions we would normally find impossible, simply possible.

This pass week has been very productive. New ideas and new options have allowed me to form a lot of new decisions. The fundraiser is actually starting off better than I expected. It was brought to my attention that it is really good but it is hidden. So at the moment I am trying to figure out the best way to promote it as much as I can. Without the link to the direct page it is quite hard to find. So this week I will do my best to solve this slight issue. The other thing that is bothering me is that although it might be hard to find without the link I am getting a lot of traffic. If everyone that stopped by donated $5 I would be halfway to my goal of $5000 right now. When I think about that it makes me think that something is wrong with my approach. However, whatever the issue, with fear behind me as my trusty companion the impossible will become possible.



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