Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?……

I cant quite ask that question just yet…

What I can say is that the campaign is up and running smoothly. Furthermore, not only am I pleased with the amount of traffic I have received to the fundraising site, I am also pleased with the traffic here at WordPress. Granted it would be nice to have more followers and comments (“hint hint”) to interact with but this is fine for now.

For some reason on my search for like minded people and similar organisations I started to get more excited. I happened to come across several organisations that are worthy of being noted. However, I will keep you in suspense because that’s not really my topic right now.

My topic at the moment is a question of “drive” and not just any “drive”. I would like to talk about the “manual drive”. How much drive do you have to want more or be better than you are? What are you willing to sacrifice and what are you willing to accept in order to arrive at a place of comfort? These kind of questions can be challenging to answer, especially when the world we live in is aimed at making things difficult. However sometimes without knowing it we can answer all these questions within the blink of an eye.

I have been going to Ghana since I was a infant and that is not an exaggeration. Year after year, time after time I watched as the world around me changed. Although I never thought too much about it because at the time it wasn’t something that struck a chord in me. My automatic drive or internal drive was placed in other things. I was far to busy enjoying time with my cousins and friends to worry about grown up things. Then all of a sudden it happened. The manual chord of drive surprised me like a deer in the head lights. I had turned it on without ever knowing. So many people, so much business, and oh so much change. My eyes were open to the opportunities I could bring to a place I call home. After all if strangers and people who have no ties to this place can find a manual drive here, why cant I?

So within the blink of an eye my drive for something more was found. At some point I would like to think that everyone will find their manual drive in life. It makes me much more hopeful about my future. It also reminds me that life is not only a lesson to be learned, but if possible should also be enjoyed doing what you love the  most.

I keep on noting that I have found my “manual drive”. I say this because I don’t know how to drive in manual period. I have attempted it but so many details need to be in check for me to get the flow of it. I believe it is something that needs to be learned with much more time than an automatic. Feeling the car, watching your speed, and the small changes that instantly mold the car seamlessly to your hand definitely makes me appreciate the drive/work of the car.  All these things take time, the same sort of time that is needed for you to awaken what ever kind of drive is in you. So if you ever start to feel a bit discouraged or maybe you have yet to find your drive in life, literally take a wondering drive in your car and see if it speaks to you.

Cleopatra Community Health and Development Fundraiser


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